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Children's Mental Health Week 2024

This year’s Children’s Mental Health Week focused on the theme ‘My Voice Matters’ to emphasise the importance of supporting young people's mental health.

Students participated in various activities including creating positivity puzzles and writing down their thoughts to launch into a 'stress bucket’. In RSHE lessons, students addressed ‘being kind to our mind’ focusing on what makes them happy; creating their own class jars full of happiness. The initiatives highlighted the importance of providing a supportive environment for everyone.

These activities, in addition to the schools' daily focus on wellbeing, underpin the ongoing efforts to prioritise the mental health of students.

“It’s good to be positive, happy, and spread joy to everyone. When you are happy it can make other people experience your happiness. Being happy is good for your health.” Rafiat.M – Year 7

“Mental health is important because people suffer from depression, so we need to raise awareness.” Elisha.P – Year 8

“Some children may have mental health concerns but do not express their feelings, so promoting the support available is important.” Advait.A – Year 8

"It is important that people realise how important other people’s feelings are, and understanding the struggles other children may go through. Children should be able to express their feelings to people they feel comfortable with so they can cope with their health and manage it.” Emily.B – Year 8

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