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Headteacher's Welcome

Governing Body

Leaders, including trustees, have a shared ambition to improve the school. This ambition has widened the curriculum offer and helped improve processes for monitoring behaviour and attendance.

Ofsted 2023

The role of the Governing Body (in line with the scheme of delegation) is:

  • Building an understanding of how the academies are led and managed   
  • Determine school level policies which reflect the Trusts ethos and values 
  • Management of risk: establish register, review and monitor
  • Monitoring whether the academies are:  
    • Working within agreed policies  
    • Is meeting the agreed targets  
    • Managing its finances and resources well   
    • Engaging with stakeholders  
    • Reporting to the Trust Board  

The Trust board will approve the appointment of the Governing Body Chair, ensure that parents are elected and will determine its structure and organisation.  

The Governing Body responsibilities include;

  • Review, approve and monitor the Academy Development Plan (ADP)
  • Review, monitor and challenge Executive Head/Directors/Head of School reports: 
  • School performance & improvement
  • Safeguarding, SEND, other vulnerable groups 
  • Behaviour, attendance & safety 
  • Student development 

Governing Body

Name Term of Office Committees/Responsibilities

Nick Luckock

03/09/2021 –  31/08/2024 

Chair of Governing Body

Louise Sherman

01/09/2023 -  

Ex-officio (Headteacher)

Keith Bobbin 

01/09/2017 – 31/08/2024 

Governor (Community) 

Leah-Marie Smith 

02/12/2021 – 31/08/2024 

Governor (Parent)

Gemma Stoddard

29/09/2022 - 31/08/2025

Governor (Staff) 

Sam Ricks

25/05/2023 – 25/05/2026

Governor (Staff) 

Michelle Kalam

23/05/2023 - 23/05/2027

Governor (Community)