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Key Stage 3 Learning

Home Learning

Please find resources to support students when they are learning at home, including curriculum plans and links to online platforms. Satchel and Microsoft TEAMS are our preferred learning platforms. Recorded lessons can be accessed through Student School Email Accounts. Click on the How ‘To’ Tab to watch a video to show you how to do this. If you have any queries about how to support your child at home, please do email

How to access home learning

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How to access Teams, Seneca and assignments

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Reading Eggs



My Tutor

   My Tutor

BBC Education

Access daily lessons in a range of subjects at

These lessons are updated weekly so remember to view them each week. 

Oak National Academy


Homework Booklets

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10 Resources



PiXL Timetables

PiXL Maths App for Year 9 & 10
School ID: BU1732

Videos and tutorials
If your students get stuck during their practice, then the following might help:

  • Seneca - free online tutorials for age groups. All the maths content is here.
  • Khan Academy - an abundance of videos from the US for all ages groups. All the maths content is here.
  • - detailed videos covering all content from KS3 and 4, each with questions for you to practice.


Kerboodle - Online text books, lessons & quizzes
Please request login from your teacher. 

Seneca Learning
Free Homework & Revision for A Level, GCSE, KS3 & KS2 

Free online 10-Minute Tests for GCSE Science
GCSE Science students can check their knowledge with free 10-Minute Tests on the CGP website! 

Institute of Physics (IOP)
Key stages: Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4
Description: A set of articles and resources designed to support teachers who are teaching remotely.
Registration: not required

Help with accessing Microsoft Teams

Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
Key stages: Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5
Description: A set of articles and resources designed to support teachers who are teaching remotely.
Registration: Not required, but registration increases functionality

STEM Learning
Key stages: key stage 3, key stage 4 and key stage 5
Description: an online resource bank, which links to resources on external websites. The site features a live chat function offering support from subject experts. New home learning resources are being developed.

Science Practical Booklet
Practical activities that our students can safely carry out whilst at home.

Spot the International Space Station

Free Science lessons for all:

Bring Science into your home with The Royal Institution:



Drama, Music & Performing Arts

KS3 Music
Learn how to write a song or compose a piece of music, tips for performing, evaluating music genres and even Music Technology with these handy learning and revision guides:

Charanga Music allows our students to access tutorial videos on the singing we do in class, choir and in Enrichment as well as Music Technology with our VIP Music Studio video sessions. Every student has their own unique login. If yours is mislaid, please email Miss Stoddard on

KS3 Drama

Drawing on 10 years of National Theatre Live broadcasts, the collections offer a total of 50 filmed performances for your viewing
username: DramaStudent1
password: Basildon

Understand drama and theatre, how to perform as a character, devise theatre and how to learn a script as well as theatre design for set, lighting, costume and sound.




Key Stage 4 Enrichment

Every Home A Theatre
'London’s theatres may be closed, but that doesn’t mean the shows can’t go on - we’ll just have to make some of our own!'

Learn Sign Language
British Sign Language are currently offering their course with certification for a donation of your choice, find out more at

Life Skills
Learn vital digital skills for work and life, for free at

National Archives
Explore the national archives and find out about the past from the experts:

Online Activities & Quizzes
Fun activities, games and resources to teach children about money:
Home indoor activity ideas to learn new skills, whilst having fun:
Boredom Busters: 110 Fun At-Home Activities for Families & Kids:
Design an Investiture Medal at:

A range of subject quizzes at

Power of Kindness Calendar
The Power of Kindness Calendar gives you ideas of activities and kind acts that you can do from home:

Free Science, Business and Geography resources from BP:

List of fun and cheap activities that families with children or young parents can access mostly for free:

Online sessions to inspire pursuing a passion, find a new hobby or develop existing skills and knowledge:

Wide range of cool educational videos:

The Jack Petchey Foundation
The Jack Petchey Foundation have put together a variety of resources to help keep you positive, motivated and inspired:

The Queen's Commonwealth Essay Competition
An opportunity for young Commonwealth citizens to share their thoughts, ideas and experiences on key global issues and have their hard work and achievement celebrated internationally.

Virtual DofE programme
Award levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Virtual Tours
Visit some of the most amazing museums and galleries in the world at

Virtually experience Walt Disney World attractions within an interactive 360º video environment:

What do you want to do today?
Lots of inspirational ideas:

Where in the World


History comes alive with:

History: Journey through nearly 14 billion years of history:

Year 10 who are studying Elizabeth I & Medicine: 

Additional resources
The National Archives have lots of resources/tasks and interesting information:

Key Stage 4 History

Elizabeth I
Use the link below to research and find out more about the reign of Elizabeth I. Develop your analytical skills by seeing the decades through Elizabeth's eyes. You may also want to have a look around the national archives as there are plenty of other interesting resources:

Monkey Monkey Revision:
Use only relevant topics from this revision site;
'Health &the People and Elizabethan England':

Visual resources for GCSE History

Channel 5 has a service called ‘My5’ where you can catch up on lots of programmes and watch them online for free. They also have a vast range of documentaries, some of which are extremely useful to watch to aid your study of GCSE history. It is not compulsory work to watch these but if you have some spare time and access to the internet, then these documentaries will be of use to you.

Elizabethan England (already studied this unit, You can watch these to help you revise)

Conflict & Tension, 1918-39 (this is the unit you are studying at home, this documentary will give you context for the start of the unit)

America: Opportunity and equality: 1920-73 (You will be studying this unit in year 11 but these documentaries are a good way to flip your learning and learn about the topic before you study it)

The Dust Bowl

AQA GCSE History Revision

A Level History

AQA Unit 1C: The Tudors

Knowledge Organisers 

Revision Books

Keeping Safe Online

List of Online Safety Resources for Parents, Carers and Young People                                             


Listen to a different audio book each day with David Walliams:


Audible Stories from Amazon

'Instantly stream an incredible collection of stories, including titles across six different languages, that will help kids continue dreaming, learning, and just being kids. All stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet.'

World Book Day - are also offering a variety of free audio books to listen to. This will cater for a vast age range: picture books, young fiction, fiction and  teen.

Starbook's Challenge