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Young Carers

The Basildon Lower Academy is committed to supporting our Young Carers and ensuring that they feel seen and supported in school.

We recognise that young people often do not associate their responsibilities at home as being a Young Carer and we support students by making them aware of the support available to them in school. Students often worry about the person they care for when they are at school or away from them, and we work with our Young Carers to manage these feelings.  

Who are Young Carers?

A Young Carer is defined as "Children and Young People under 18 years old who provide regular and on-going care to another person (Parent, sibling or anyone they live with) who is physically or mentally ill, disabled or misuses substances."  

The roles and responsibilities of a Young Carer can vary but the students may support in the following tasks:  

  • Practical tasks - cooking, cleaning or shopping, looking after siblings 
  • Physical care - helping someone out of bed 
  • Personal care - helping someone dress 
  • Emotional support - talking to someone who is distressed or upset 
  • Medical support - giving medication, attending medical appointments  
  • Communication - appointments or telephone calls 

Young Carers After School Club

One of our support strategies is offering an After-School Club; a weekly opportunity for our registered Young Carers to access a club where they can make new friends with other students in a caring role, have some fun, and have a break from their caring responsibilities.  

There are a range of activities for students to take part in during Young Carers club including:  

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Games
  • Cooking 
  • Movie Club  
  • Trips  

The club runs every Tuesday 3:30pm – 5pm

If you are a student at the academies or you believe your child may be a Young Carer please complete the attached form, found by clicking the link below, or contact Mrs Peake for further information.   Young Carers Registration Form 


N Hullyer
Young Carers Lead

T Emberson
Young Carers Club Lead