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History Drop Down Day

On Friday 26th January, Lower Academy students experienced a truly immersive day dedicated entirely to the subject of History. 

Students from all year groups enthusiastically engaged in various activities throughout the day. From the ‘mummy challenge’ to the creation of their own Greek mythology creatures and, even debating the leadership qualities of Julius Caesar, the students wholeheartedly embraced the sessions they were involved in.

“History day was a lot of fun. We learned about Cleopatra, King Tut and Rameses the Great. We wrote about the Egyptian trade, wealth, religion and how the river Nile benefited the entire country.” Khaleesi.A – Year 7

“I learned a lot about ancient Egypt, including how they have influenced modern writing, maths and medicine.” Michelle.C – Year 7

“The History Drop Down Day was amazing! I learned about Egyptians and Greek Mythology. I hope we have more days like this!” Luke.Z – Year 7

“I learned so much during Drop Down History Day.” Nate.H – Year 7