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Students Engage in Maths Drop Down Day

On Friday 24th May, Lower Academy students experienced a drop-down day dedicated entirely to the subject of Maths, a day packed with a variety of engaging and interactive maths-based activities.

Students kicked off the event with a series of quizzes that tested their knowledge and problem-solving skills in a fun and competitive environment. The excitement continued with an escape room activity, where teams of students worked together to solve puzzles and unlock clues.

"Maths Drop Down Day is important to ensure that at the Lower Academy, we are fostering positive attitudes towards maths; Today's event has ensured just that! It has helped to build a positive relationship with maths by allowing for collaboration, creativity, problem solving and highlighting the relevance of maths in everyday life and future careers." P.Botha - Key Stage 3 Maths Leader

“Today was fun, especially the escape room because it was really challenging. I also enjoyed discovering which jobs involve maths, as it gave me more of an idea what careers we could choose.” Victoria.S – Year 9

“I loved learning maths a different way.” Gracie-Mae.M - Year 8

“It was very fun but educational at the same time. It has helped me with my multiplication. Instead of stressing out it was relaxing, and I won the escape room challenge, so I really enjoyed today.” Elissa.P – Year 9

“I thought that today was fun and thrilling. I really enjoyed the escape room and solving problems using our maths skills.” Esther.N – Year 9

“Maths Drop Down Day was really good, as I did not realise how much I will need maths when I am older.” Annabelle.J - Year 7

“We had the opportunity to work in a team and solve problems together, which is fun.” ElizabetH.C – Year 9

“I enjoyed creating a maths themed poster and learning about what sports based careers that I will need maths for.” Henry.K Year 7

Click here to view photos of our students taking part in maths activities.