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Professor Paws Performs in Safeguarding Music Concert

Lower Academy students were recently treated to a live music performance from rap artist Professor Paws.

The performance was part of a special safeguarding themed assembly, where our guest also spoke to students about knife crime, discrimination & mental health. Students embraced the opportunity to ask Professor Paws many probing questions during Q&A sessions.

“I really enjoyed having Professor Paws coming into the school to talk about knife crime and discrimination. When he spoke about his upbringing, that really inspired me.” Izza.H – Year 9

“I learned that mental health can impact some people for a long time. Professor Paw’s advice was to find what you love most, because it can make you a better person.” Jazmyn.H – Year 8

“It was inspiring to see him share his real-life experiences on the danger of knife crime and the impact it can have on your future. It was also great to hear him sing.” Isabelle.P – Year 9

“The experience of witnessing an actual rapper was exhilarating, he is an amazing performer.” Teddy.P – Year 7

“I really liked Professor Paws, his music was really good. His advice was also very helpful.” Maryam.J – Year 7

“I enjoyed his songs, they were nice. He told us about his life story when he had friends that did crazy things but he didn’t follow the same path. He followed what he loved to do and that is really nice and the right thing to do.” Dami.O – Year 7

“Professor Paws was really fun. We got to experience a live music concert and a safeguarding talk, giving us advice on how to stay safe.” Khaleeso.A – Year 7

“Professor Paws taught us a bit about mental health and the risks of carrying knifes. I think the assembly was good.” Kiera-Leigh.N – Year 8