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Year 9 Students Visit Reconstructed WW1 Trench

Year 9 students recently visited a reconstructed World War I trench system in Kent, gaining an authentic insight into life during the war.

The 200-metre-long trench replica, featuring British and German lines, separated by 25 metres of no man's land with barbed wire and shell holes, offered a vivid historical experience.

The woodland-set trenches provided a realistic backdrop, and expert guides delivered engaging talks on various aspects of trench warfare. Several of our students participated in demonstrations which helped to enhance their understanding of their GCSE History ‘Medicine Through Time’ topic.

“We got to see how trenches were constructed and learned about the strategies of trench warfare. The tour guide described the harsh living conditions, including rations soldiers endured; highlighting the significance of the First World War.” Leon.S

“The trip was really useful for my studies, especially for the History of Medicine topic. The replica trench was so realistic.” George.C

“I enjoyed the trip as we got to learn more about how the war impacted on the development of medicine and surgery, which will really help with our History GCSE.”

“I really enjoyed walking around the trench it gave me an amazing insight into what life would have been like back then.” Isabelle.P

“We got to learn about living conditions in which the soldiers lived, and a sneak peak into their day to day lives.” Boglarka.B

Thanks to the staff at CEMA Historical Tours for making the day such an engaging visit for our students.