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Year 7 Inspired by Mastercard Workshop

Year 7 students recently participated in a workshop centred around digital careers led by Amy and Paul, representatives from Mastercard.

The workshop focused on the vast array of careers in technology. Our guests explained the importance of cyber security in the tech industry and spoke to the students about the potential careers that have not even been thought of yet. They also explained the concept of digital disruption and how changes in technology can cause significant shifts in various industries.

To demonstrate their teambuilding skills, students participated in a project management role-play activity. One half of the team instructed the other to build something by only description, emphasising the importance of clear communication and teamwork in digital careers.

“I found it interesting because I like coding and IT. I also liked that we got to take part in group activities. Other members of our team described what we had to build, they could see an image, but we couldn’t and had to follow their instructions.” Oliver.B 

“The workshop was informative. I learned about alternative career paths that I am interested in. Paul and Amy explained their journeys’ and that sometimes people find out what they want to do along the way.” Amirah.A

“The building part was fun, we had to explain to our team members how to build a helicopter, without actually telling them it was a helicopter.” Lilith.E

“I enjoyed the workshop; it was different from my normal lessons.” Kaisey.D